Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki Cooking in May ♪

I had an Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki Cooking Party in May!

There were 6 participants and was a lively party. ^^

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese salty pancake putting cabbage and pork ( can also put shrimp, squid, etc.).



Takoyaki is a round shape dish made with flour with octopus inside.  This is a table dish we can cook together at the table. It was so funny everybody was trying to make nice round shapes.   ^^



I hope they will try to cook at home with family. ❤️





Japanese Sake Night in May ♪

I had a Japanese Sake Party in May since my husband got nice sake from Aizu. I served “Snowdrop(スノードロップ)” as an aperitif for my guest.

This was made of Japanese sake and yogurt by Akebono liquor in Aizu. We chose a  fresh strawberry flavor that is a limited product only in spring. The sweetness is modest and very tasty. Everybody loved it .^^


We  chose  “Kazenomori(風の森)” for next one.  This was made by Yunaga liquor in Nara.  This sake was full with umami with a slightly sparkling texture, and had a refreshing taste like wine.


I made some seasonal dishes using some fresh horse mackerel(Aji) and bonito(Katsuo).


If you want to try  my dishes with Japanese sake, contact me.  We can negotiate and I will arrange for you. ♪


I also write a Japanese cooking blog here!

Trip to Aizu in Fukushima ♪

I went to Aizu in Fukushima with my family during Golden week (long Japan’s holiday in May). We went from Shinjuku expressway bus terminal.  It took about 4 hours to get to my hometown. May is a good season for watching fresh green forests and beautiful flowers. ^^ We enjoyed staying my parents’ house and visited nice shops and restaurants in this trip. ♪

Aizu cotton maker   “IIE Lab”

Bar  “Tokisaewasurete(時さえ忘れて)”

Italian Restaurant  “Ristorante Luce(リストランテルーチェ)”

Japanese Restaurant   “Takino(田季野)”

Japanese Restaurant      “Tsuruga(鶴賀)”

We met a private mascot  “Otane-kun(おたねくん)” on the street. ^^

Japanese Sake lunch Party ♪

Japanese sake party in April!

I had a Japanese Sake and my homemade dish lunch party.  There were three guests that joined this time.


One of my guests from Singapole just traveled around western Japan and brought a famous sake (Kagatobi ) from Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture.



I  tried to arrange the food using seasonal vegetables like Takenoko (Banboo shoot), Shin-tamanegi (New onion), and Shin-jagaimo (New potato).


Nikujaga is a dish of simmered meat and potatoes. I cooked New potatoes and New onions with beef this time.



Sushi Cake

sushi cake


Salmon tartare

Salmon tartare


I just came back from Okinawa and got some ingredients.

I arranged a regional food in Okinawa, “Kubu Irichi (Sauteed sliced kelp)”.

sliced kelp and chicken


I enjoyed cooking for my guests and had a wonderful time talking with them.

Let’s have fun together again when you come back to Japan! ^^


I also write a cooking blog here!

About me ^^

My name is Hiromi. I’m a house mom who lives in middle Tokyo and organizes Global Space Net events. I like cooking and drinking and also love to spend time with people who are from different cultures and backgrounds.
I often arrange lunch parties and walks in town for fun. ♪
I’m also qualified as a Sake Expert by the Japan Sake Association.

If you want to interested in my party and food, contact me.  We can negotiate and I will arrange for you. ♪


I also write a cooking blog here!


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