Japanese Home Cooking lunch with guest from Australia ♪

Japanese sake party in April!

I had a Japanese Sake and my homemade dish lunch party.  There were three guests that joined this time.


One of my guests from Singapole just traveled around western Japan and brought a famous sake (Kagatobi ) from Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture.



I  tried to arrange the food using seasonal vegetables like Takenoko (Banboo shoot), Shin-tamanegi (New onion), and Shin-jagaimo (New potato).


Nikujaga is a dish of simmered meat and potatoes. I cooked New potatoes and New onions with beef this time.



Sushi Cake

sushi cake


Salmon tartare

Salmon tartare


I just came back from Okinawa and got some ingredients.

I arranged a regional food in Okinawa, “Kubu Irichi (Sauteed sliced kelp)”.


sliced kelp and chicken



I enjoyed cooking for my guests and had a wonderful time talking with them.

Let’s have fun together again when you come back to Japan! ^^




I also write a cooking blog here!

About me ^^

My name is Hiromi. I’m a house mom who lives in middle Tokyo and organizes Global Space Net events. I like cooking and drinking and also love to spend time with people who are from different cultures and backgrounds.
I often arrange lunch parties and walks in town for fun. ♪
I’m also qualified as a Sake Expert by the Japan Sake Association.

If you want to interested in my party and food, contact me.  We can negotiate and I will arrange for you. ♪


I also write a cooking blog here!