Enoshima One Day Trip ♪

It’s rainy season right now in Japan. One of the fun things to do at this time is watching the blooming hydrangeas in the town and garden. We also have many seasonable food to eat.

I went to Enoshima with my friend to eat nama shirasu and check the flowers in the Island. ^^


It wasn’t rainy that day. We were so lucky! ^^

Nama Shirasu Don is full of shirasu.

We ordered half and half. This bowl comes with a half of raw shirasu and half of boiled shirasu. We can enjoy both tastes of shirasu. ♡


In addition to Hydrangeas, there were many  kinds of  flowers  blooming around town.


At last we went to Island Spa. There were nice swimming pools and hot baths.

We felt so refreshed!





Sushi Roll Class in June ♪

Five people joined our Global Space Net Sushi Roll cooking class for June.

They were from Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan, and all of them are currently learning Japanese.


Each of us made all sorts of Sushi Rolls including California rolls.

For lunch, I also made Nikujaga (Stewed meat and potatoes) and Miso soup along with some Temaki Sushi (Hand rolled sushi).


Everyone said they enjoyed it very much!



We are open to organizing Sushi Rolls Class for anyone!

Please contact via E-mail for any inquires.




Plum Syrup Making Class

My friend gave me some hydrangea flowers that she grew in her garden.

I love the seasonal feeling when you have these in your room.


You can find Ume plums in the store around this season.

Ume-shu, or plum wine, and Ume syrup is very popular among both locals and foreigners living in Japan.

In the Global Space Net cooking class this time, we made Ume syrup.

We made it last year too, so this year, we also made the rock sugar version and the brown sugar version.


One of the guests brought us gifts from Singapore. This time, there were Japanese participants who are learning English too.

For lunch we prepared a Chicken-based colorful plate dish, an Octopus pilaf, and a pumpkin potage.



We are always organizing cooking classes.

Please contact us via Email if you are interested in participating!