#2 Japanese Sake Party with Guests from Hong Kong

I had another group of guests from Hong Kong this January. ^^

One of my guests came to Japan snowboading in Hokkaido. He want to be a good snowboader and visited Japan few times in a year! He have already spent few weeks in Hokkaido and came to Tokyo to meet his friends.

This time they tried some Japanese sake with my home-made dishes at my house.  They were really interested in Japanese Sake. I’m so happy to know they really like sake. ^^

I served some Japanese sake from Aizu.

I made many dishes that go well with Japanese sake. When guests have something they cannot eat, I can arrange dishes with that in mind too.

I try to make home-made dishes using seasonal ingredients.


We spent about three hours at my house and it was a fun time.




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Lunch Party with guests from Hong Kong ♪

I had guests from Hong Kong in January.

They have visited Japan many times and have always enjoyed eating at nice restaurants.

This time they wanted me to make some homemade dishes for them.

They also wanted to try some Japanese sake. ^^


I made small dishes  that goes well with Japanese sake. One of the guests really loved Ume-shu so I made rolled chicken with my home-made Ume-shu.

I had a fun time with them. I hope we can meet again soon.





Hagoita-ichi at Asakusa♪

The last event of December 2018 was a tour of Hagoita-ichi in Asakusa.

Hagoita(羽子板・はごいた) is a wooden raquet to play Hanetsuki(羽根つき).  Hanetsuki is a traditional old style Japanese game like badminton of hitting a Hane (shuttlecock).  Nowadays, we see traditionally decorated Hagoitas at Hagoitaichi in Asakusa.



There were some fun hagoitas with designs that have popular TV characters of this year on it. Many people came to watch these and were taking photos. ^^


It was a beautiful day and the Nakamise Street was already prepared for New Years.



I hope everybody will have a wonderful New Years!