Mexican Cooking Lunch ♪

Everybody in Global Space Net loves Mexican food! ♡  We often have parties with Tacos. This time I made Pozole, a traditional stew from Mexico.

One of my Mexican friends taught me how to make it when I was in the U.S. I always arranged it a little bit to fit the different seasons and weather of Japan. I hope my guests enjoyed the dishes.



I cooked Fajita too!


And of course I prepared Chili con carne along with the Tacos. ^^



We need more music next time along with the food!



Imoni Soup and Karei Fish dishes ♡

Imoni is a traditional soup from North Eastern Japan that is made of Imo, or potatoes. Although there are many different kinds of potatoes we use in Japanese dishes, I usually use Sato-imo for this soup.

I put Nameko mushrooms in the Imoni soup this time.


Simmered Karei is also a popular home dish in Japan.


Fried Karei with lemon and salt is perfect for beer and Japanese sake. ^^


Cake from Singapore ♡

My friend brought back these cakes from Singapore. ^^

The cakes we tried is in the photo below! The prune banana cake on the top left is the one I made, and the two cakes on the right are the Pandan Chiffon cakes and the Kueh Lapis.

I’m always very curious about new food and how they taste like.

We enjoyed the cakes with a nice cup of tea. ♡


Another friend of mine gave me some bag of noodles from Indonesia. ^^ I had seen these noodles sometimes in the store but never had the chance to try them.

He explained how to make an easy and simple dish in Indonesian style.

This is the one I made for our lunch. ♪


I’m so lucky to be able to try these new things. A big thank you to everyone!



Oyster Noodle Cooking Lunch ♪

Now, we have a few regular members of Global Space Net. ♪

I would love to have fun with more people and exchange all kinds of knowledge!

This time, my friend taught us how to make Hong Kong style oyster noodles. Right now is the perfect season for oysters and we can get really fresh ones at the local store.

This is the Somen noodles we cooked this time! They were very yummy!



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