Enoshima One Day Trip ♪

It’s rainy season right now in Japan. One of the fun things to do at this time is watching the blooming hydrangeas in the town and garden. We also have many seasonable food to eat.

I went to Enoshima with my friend to eat nama shirasu and check the flowers in the Island. ^^


It wasn’t rainy that day. We were so lucky! ^^

Nama Shirasu Don is full of shirasu.

We ordered half and half. This bowl comes with a half of raw shirasu and half of boiled shirasu. We can enjoy both tastes of shirasu. ♡


In addition to Hydrangeas, there were many  kinds of  flowers  blooming around town.


At last we went to Island Spa. There were nice swimming pools and hot baths.

We felt so refreshed!





Trip to Seoul ♪

We went to Seoul in the end of January. ♪ My daughter has just finished her final exams at school. I expected the weather to be so cold but it wasn’t so bad at the time. ^^

We stayed at a hotel in Nyondon. It was very easy to go shopping and eating. The Nyondon gyoza was amazing and the Kanjan Kejan at the East Gate area was very tasty too.

One of my husband’s friend took us to an authentic restaurant in Seoul. It was a fun experience for us. ♡

I’m always curious about the local market.  ^^


Eating at the market at night was also fun for us. ♡


2019.01 → 妻ママ日記

Hagoita-ichi at Asakusa♪

The last event of December 2018 was a tour of Hagoita-ichi in Asakusa.

Hagoita(羽子板・はごいた) is a wooden raquet to play Hanetsuki(羽根つき).  Hanetsuki is a traditional old style Japanese game like badminton of hitting a Hane (shuttlecock).  Nowadays, we see traditionally decorated Hagoitas at Hagoitaichi in Asakusa.



There were some fun hagoitas with designs that have popular TV characters of this year on it. Many people came to watch these and were taking photos. ^^


It was a beautiful day and the Nakamise Street was already prepared for New Years.



I hope everybody will have a wonderful New Years!

Okinawa Trip ♪

Okinawa trip in November!

This is a second time to visit Okinawa in this year for me. ^^

We rented a car at airport this time and drove around the island.

It was so exciting to explore it.


We stayed at Hideout Okinawa Uruma near the sea.

Hideout Uruma


Nice view from the living room


Dinner at Sakae Ryouriten


Enjoyed Okinawa foods

sakae ryouriten


We enjoyed awamori and liquer too.


Morning Sunrise in next day

sunrise in okinawa


Okinawa Soba for lunch @ Kishimoto shokudo


Zenzai @ Niigaki zenzai



So refreshed and had a nice experience.



Torinoichi 2018

Torinoichi is a famous festival in November.

This takes place every November on the day of the Rooster. This year, there were three days of the Rooster.

This year, the third Torinoichi festival took place on a Sunday, so along with my Italian friend, we went to look around the Asakusa area and went to the Otori shrime.

There were so many people there and it was very lively. I was so happy to see my friend smile after she got a small Kumade with an Okame (a traditional Japanese mask of a smiling woman), which was her favorite. ^^



We went to a small Izakaya along the nearby street and had a toast with beer. ^^



Visited to Akihabara with homestay students

I went to Akihabara with my homestay student and their friends and host families.



The students wanted to go Animate.

It was first time visiting for me and nice experiences.



We also visited a Meid Cafe in Akihabara.

This was a fun place I never experienced too.

The food was so cute and tasty! My homestay student was a begitarian. They cooked a salad for her. ^^



Then we went to a Cats Cafe later.

There were many cute cats in cafe and we played with then for a while.



We also had a BBQ Party with another host families at a park.

It was nice to talk another people.


I also invited her brother to my house and had takoyaki party together.

He worked at a Japanese company as an internship student from this spring in Japan. It’s very nice to hear about his experiences for my kids. My kids were very interested in his talk and that was very good experiences for them.



I hope we will see again!


Day trip to Nikko with home stay students ♪

I went to Nikko with my home stay student and another host family.  It was a exciting day trip by car from Tokyo.  I haven’t been to Nikko for a long time.

We started to drive around 6 AM and took a short rest in a shop on the high way. Then we arrived at the Kegon Falls almost two hours later.  It was a little rainy and foggy in the morning that day.  The falls had high water volume because of a previous strong tyhoon.

Kegon Falls

We went to Toshogu Shrine next. Usually there are many people there but not so many people in the morning after the strong tyhoon. Luckly it was easy to get the tickets.  Early bird catches the worm!

Entrance of Toshogu Shrine


Gojunoto(Five-Story Pagota) was so beautiful!


These are the famous sculptures of the three wise monkeys in Toshogu.

Three wise monkeys


We can see gorgeous decorations and colorful paintings.


There were more people coming in the afternoon.  When we went back to the car,  there were many cars waiting in the parking lot and the line was so long.


I enjoyed a grilled Ayu fish. This is one of my favorite foods. ♡


I want to visit with my family next time. ^^

Trip to Taipei ♪

I traveled to Taipei with my husband and my daughter end of May.  We flew from Haneda to Taoyuan Airport.  It was my first trip to Taiwan and we spend three days there.


We enjoyed eating all day during the trip. ^^

Porridge of breakfast ❤️


Snack of shaved ice with fresh mango ❤️


Taiwan dishes ❤️


We visited many places.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.


Taipei 101


Longshan Temple near the Hotel


National Palace Museum


Shinlin Night market


The weather was so hot and I drunk a lot of beer. ^^

It was a very exciting journey!




I also write a Japanese blog here!




Trip to Aizu in Fukushima ♪

I went to Aizu in Fukushima with my family during Golden week (long Japan’s holiday in May). We went from Shinjuku expressway bus terminal.  It took about 4 hours to get to my hometown. May is a good season for watching fresh green forests and beautiful flowers. ^^ We enjoyed staying my parents’ house and visited nice shops and restaurants in this trip. ♪

Aizu cotton maker   “IIE Lab”

Bar  “Tokisaewasurete(時さえ忘れて)”

Italian Restaurant  “Ristorante Luce(リストランテルーチェ)”

Japanese Restaurant   “Takino(田季野)”

Japanese Restaurant      “Tsuruga(鶴賀)”

We met a private mascot  “Otane-kun(おたねくん)” on the street. ^^