Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Lunch in July

In July, we organized the “Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Cooking Lunch Party”.

In addition to the members who joined in June, there were new members and it was very lively and fun.


We made Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.



For dessert, we used pancake mix and the takoyaki cooker to make ball-shaped pancakes.

It was similar to the Ebleskiver from Denmark, and everyone loved sweets so we all enjoyed it very much.

I prepared a Japanese style cold dessert, an Agar sweets with red bean paste.


We wish you can try making them at home too!



Hamo Hot Pot ♪

The Hamo (Pike Conger) is a Summer fish.

Every year our family orders Hamo and enjoys “Hamo Nabe”, or Hamo Hot Pot.



Since Hamo fish has lots of small firm bones, there is a process called “Hone-giri” which is a cooking method of cutting the bones into smaller pieces. The Hamo that we ordered had already went through this process.

In Hamo hot pot, it is very delicious to include sliced onions.




Making Leek Buns for Lunch♪

My Chinese friend taught me how to make Nira-mochi, or Leek Buns.

I tried making it at home.



Leek buns consists of leeks, Harusame (Bean starch vermicelli), eggs and small shrimps. It is really delicious!


After making the dough, you can wrap all the ingredients into small buns and fry it.

I made a lot of them with my friends during lunch.





It is really fun to make in a party!