Moroccan Cooking Lunch♪

Our lunch party at Global Space Net for August was Moroccan food.

My Moroccan friend who is really good at cooking was supposed to come but unfortunately she couldn’t make it this time.

We made many dishes based on the recipes she taught me before.

The menu was Chicken Tagine, hummus, salad, soup, and some pancakes.


The Chicken Tagine is a dish with lemons and spices, perfect for the summer.

The soup was a Harira Lentil soup.


We used a lot of spices for the salad as well.

I prepared some spice mixes and gave them to the participants to take home.



We also made hummus with some chickpeas.



It went perfectly with the soft pancakes that we made as well.

For dessert, we had a snack that is nuts made into a ball and coated with chocolate.


For our lunch party this month, we made all the dishes with the recipes that my friend sent me.

We have a lot of spices so I would like to organize another Moroccan food cooking parties when she comes back.

At Global Space Net, we always welcome anyone who loves cooking and who would like to teach others how to make them!



Duck Hot Pot Party ♪

We had a Summer Hot Pot Party!  ^^

We came by really delicious duck meat at a restaurant, so we decided to order some to enjoy them at home.

We invited some friends over and had a Duck meat party.



The ingredients for the hot pot are only duck meat and watercress. It is really simple but absolutely tasty.

It goes well with both wine and Japanese Sake.


For shime, we had Udon with the soup and drank all the soup up too.


We also prepared roasted duck meat using low-temperature cooking, so they came out tender and flavorous.


For an appetizer, we had paprika terrine.


For dessert, we had Cassata, an Italian ice cream based sweets.


We had a fun time with all our friends!




Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Lunch in July

In July, we organized the “Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Cooking Lunch Party”.

In addition to the members who joined in June, there were new members and it was very lively and fun.


We made Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.



For dessert, we used pancake mix and the takoyaki cooker to make ball-shaped pancakes.

It was similar to the Ebleskiver from Denmark, and everyone loved sweets so we all enjoyed it very much.

I prepared a Japanese style cold dessert, an Agar sweets with red bean paste.


We wish you can try making them at home too!



Hamo Hot Pot ♪

The Hamo (Pike Conger) is a Summer fish.

Every year our family orders Hamo and enjoys “Hamo Nabe”, or Hamo Hot Pot.



Since Hamo fish has lots of small firm bones, there is a process called “Hone-giri” which is a cooking method of cutting the bones into smaller pieces. The Hamo that we ordered had already went through this process.

In Hamo hot pot, it is very delicious to include sliced onions.




Making Leek Buns for Lunch♪

My Chinese friend taught me how to make Nira-mochi, or Leek Buns.

I tried making it at home.



Leek buns consists of leeks, Harusame (Bean starch vermicelli), eggs and small shrimps. It is really delicious!


After making the dough, you can wrap all the ingredients into small buns and fry it.

I made a lot of them with my friends during lunch.





It is really fun to make in a party!




Sushi Roll Class in June ♪

Five people joined our Global Space Net Sushi Roll cooking class for June.

They were from Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan, and all of them are currently learning Japanese.


Each of us made all sorts of Sushi Rolls including California rolls.

For lunch, I also made Nikujaga (Stewed meat and potatoes) and Miso soup along with some Temaki Sushi (Hand rolled sushi).


Everyone said they enjoyed it very much!



We are open to organizing Sushi Rolls Class for anyone!

Please contact via E-mail for any inquires.




Plum Syrup Making Class

My friend gave me some hydrangea flowers that she grew in her garden.

I love the seasonal feeling when you have these in your room.


You can find Ume plums in the store around this season.

Ume-shu, or plum wine, and Ume syrup is very popular among both locals and foreigners living in Japan.

In the Global Space Net cooking class this time, we made Ume syrup.

We made it last year too, so this year, we also made the rock sugar version and the brown sugar version.


One of the guests brought us gifts from Singapore. This time, there were Japanese participants who are learning English too.

For lunch we prepared a Chicken-based colorful plate dish, an Octopus pilaf, and a pumpkin potage.



We are always organizing cooking classes.

Please contact us via Email if you are interested in participating!



Mexican Cooking Lunch ♪

Everybody in Global Space Net loves Mexican food! ♡  We often have parties with Tacos. This time I made Pozole, a traditional stew from Mexico.

One of my Mexican friends taught me how to make it when I was in the U.S. I always arranged it a little bit to fit the different seasons and weather of Japan. I hope my guests enjoyed the dishes.



I cooked Fajita too!


And of course I prepared Chili con carne along with the Tacos. ^^



We need more music next time along with the food!



Imoni Soup and Karei Fish dishes ♡

Imoni is a traditional soup from North Eastern Japan that is made of Imo, or potatoes. Although there are many different kinds of potatoes we use in Japanese dishes, I usually use Sato-imo for this soup.

I put Nameko mushrooms in the Imoni soup this time.


Simmered Karei is also a popular home dish in Japan.


Fried Karei with lemon and salt is perfect for beer and Japanese sake. ^^


Cake from Singapore ♡

My friend brought back these cakes from Singapore. ^^

The cakes we tried is in the photo below! The prune banana cake on the top left is the one I made, and the two cakes on the right are the Pandan Chiffon cakes and the Kueh Lapis.

I’m always very curious about new food and how they taste like.

We enjoyed the cakes with a nice cup of tea. ♡


Another friend of mine gave me some bag of noodles from Indonesia. ^^ I had seen these noodles sometimes in the store but never had the chance to try them.

He explained how to make an easy and simple dish in Indonesian style.

This is the one I made for our lunch. ♪


I’m so lucky to be able to try these new things. A big thank you to everyone!