Mexican Cooking Lunch ♪

Everybody in Global Space Net loves Mexican food! ♡  We often have parties with Tacos. This time I made Pozole, a traditional stew from Mexico.

One of my Mexican friends taught me how to make it when I was in the U.S. I always arranged it a little bit to fit the different seasons and weather of Japan. I hope my guests enjoyed the dishes.



I cooked Fajita too!


And of course I prepared Chili con carne along with the Tacos. ^^



We need more music next time along with the food!



Imoni Soup and Karei Fish dishes ♡

Imoni is a traditional soup from North Eastern Japan that is made of Imo, or potatoes. Although there are many different kinds of potatoes we use in Japanese dishes, I usually use Sato-imo for this soup.

I put Nameko mushrooms in the Imoni soup this time.


Simmered Karei is also a popular home dish in Japan.


Fried Karei with lemon and salt is perfect for beer and Japanese sake. ^^


Cake from Singapore ♡

My friend brought back these cakes from Singapore. ^^

The cakes we tried is in the photo below! The prune banana cake on the top left is the one I made, and the two cakes on the right are the Pandan Chiffon cakes and the Kueh Lapis.

I’m always very curious about new food and how they taste like.

We enjoyed the cakes with a nice cup of tea. ♡


Another friend of mine gave me some bag of noodles from Indonesia. ^^ I had seen these noodles sometimes in the store but never had the chance to try them.

He explained how to make an easy and simple dish in Indonesian style.

This is the one I made for our lunch. ♪


I’m so lucky to be able to try these new things. A big thank you to everyone!



Oyster Noodle Cooking Lunch ♪

Now, we have a few regular members of Global Space Net. ♪

I would love to have fun with more people and exchange all kinds of knowledge!

This time, my friend taught us how to make Hong Kong style oyster noodles. Right now is the perfect season for oysters and we can get really fresh ones at the local store.

This is the Somen noodles we cooked this time! They were very yummy!



2019.02   妻ママ日記

Delicious Japanese Fugu Hot Pot for the Winter!

We have many kinds of hot pots in Japan, with the main ingredients ranging from all sorts of meat to seasonal fish. They are especially a delight for the cold winter seasons and go perfect with Japanese Sake.

One of the popular hot pots for the winter season is the Fugu Nabe, or Blowfish Hot Pot. There are many restaurants in Tokyo where you can enjoy fresh Fugu that are swimming in windowed water tanks right until you are served. You can also order fresh Fugu online and enjoy it at the comfort of your home! That is what we did this time.

As many of you might already know, Fugu is well known for being dangerous if you eat the wrong parts, especially the areas around the inner organs. So Fugu always must be processed, cleaned, and served by a certified professional. The Fugu we had delivered to our door is no exception, and the fish was already cleaned and cut into sashimi-like pieces. All you need to prepare is some vegetables, mushrooms, and Tofu to put in the Hot Pot.

The Fugu can also be eaten raw as Sashimi called “Tessa”, so with some Ponzu sauce (a blend of soy sauce and citrus juice), you can enjoy the unique texture and taste of the meat.

Even after enjoying all of the Fugu meat, nothing is over until you put in some cooked rice inside the broth and make a tasty porridge, the perfect Shime (or last dish of the day).

Make sure to enjoy many kinds of hot pots when you visit Japan!


2019.01    妻ママ日記

Trip to Seoul ♪

We went to Seoul in the end of January. ♪ My daughter has just finished her final exams at school. I expected the weather to be so cold but it wasn’t so bad at the time. ^^

We stayed at a hotel in Nyondon. It was very easy to go shopping and eating. The Nyondon gyoza was amazing and the Kanjan Kejan at the East Gate area was very tasty too.

One of my husband’s friend took us to an authentic restaurant in Seoul. It was a fun experience for us. ♡

I’m always curious about the local market.  ^^


Eating at the market at night was also fun for us. ♡


2019.01 → 妻ママ日記

Japanese Home Cooking Dinner & Sake with Guests from Hong Kong

I had another group of guests from Hong Kong this January. ^^

One of my guests came to Japan snowboading in Hokkaido. He want to be a good snowboader and visited Japan few times in a year! He have already spent few weeks in Hokkaido and came to Tokyo to meet his friends.

This time they tried some Japanese sake with my home-made dishes at my house.  They were really interested in Japanese Sake. I’m so happy to know they really like sake. ^^

I served some Japanese sake from Aizu.

I made many dishes that go well with Japanese sake. When guests have something they cannot eat, I can arrange dishes with that in mind too.

I try to make home-made dishes using seasonal ingredients.


We spent about three hours at my house and it was a fun time.




Japanese Blog  → 妻ママ日記







Home Cooking Lunch with Japanese Sake with guests from Hong Kong ♪

I had guests from Hong Kong in January.

They have visited Japan many times and have always enjoyed eating at nice restaurants.

This time they wanted me to make some homemade dishes for them.

They also wanted to try some Japanese sake. ^^


I made small dishes  that goes well with Japanese sake. One of the guests really loved Ume-shu so I made rolled chicken with my home-made Ume-shu.

I had a fun time with them. I hope we can meet again soon.





Hagoita-ichi at Asakusa♪

The last event of December 2018 was a tour of Hagoita-ichi in Asakusa.

Hagoita(羽子板・はごいた) is a wooden raquet to play Hanetsuki(羽根つき).  Hanetsuki is a traditional old style Japanese game like badminton of hitting a Hane (shuttlecock).  Nowadays, we see traditionally decorated Hagoitas at Hagoitaichi in Asakusa.



There were some fun hagoitas with designs that have popular TV characters of this year on it. Many people came to watch these and were taking photos. ^^


It was a beautiful day and the Nakamise Street was already prepared for New Years.



I hope everybody will have a wonderful New Years!

Okinawa Trip ♪

Okinawa trip in November!

This is a second time to visit Okinawa in this year for me. ^^

We rented a car at airport this time and drove around the island.

It was so exciting to explore it.


We stayed at Hideout Okinawa Uruma near the sea.

Hideout Uruma


Nice view from the living room


Dinner at Sakae Ryouriten


Enjoyed Okinawa foods

sakae ryouriten


We enjoyed awamori and liquer too.


Morning Sunrise in next day

sunrise in okinawa


Okinawa Soba for lunch @ Kishimoto shokudo


Zenzai @ Niigaki zenzai



So refreshed and had a nice experience.